Tibbers Onesie


Tibbers Onesie


Best way to stay warm this year is dressed as a fiery demon bear.

The Tibbers Onesie is unisex and one size fits most.

More on the Tibbers Onesie

How do you transform a ferocious shadow bear into a warm and soft adult onesie while staying true to his destructive nature?

We started by choosing the soft shell material and finding the colors that were most true to Tibbers. From the orange lining of his inner flames to the gritty brown of his claws, each was hand-picked by our team of artists (who played many games of Annie for, you know, research).

Once we were satisfied with the elements of Tibbers, we moved on to finess the practical details. From the semi-attached gloves that give you easy access to the pockets, to the velcro attached stitches that makes it easy to get in and out, the Tibbers onesie is designed for both form and function.

Sizing Chart

  Measurement (in.)
(A) Shoulder Width 23
(B) Sleeve Length 22
(C) Chest Width 24
(D) Waist Width 26
(E) Body length 60
* Model not to scale.
* Measurements are approximate.

See more sizing info here

Care Instructions

Wash cold with like colors and don't tumble dry.

Other Details

  • 100% Polyester
  • Semi-attached mittens
  • Pockets